Our vision is simple: to help organisations to sustain the highest level of resourcefulness at the point of execution.

Our Vision
We are not a replacement for human resourcefulness under adversity. We support those critical individuals at the point of greatest need, where orchestration and visualisation are most required.


Organisations are usually good at identifying high-volume processes that can be supported by industrial-strength workflow management platforms. However, there is a lot of critical work in organisations that these platforms do not support (such as IT release management, data centre recovery testing and wider). This work is often complex, intense, high-risk, event-driven, creative and volatile. To try to mitigate the operational and reputational risk associated as a result, organisations create what we call “human bridges”, which rely on massive human endeavours.


These human bridges are left to painstakingly plan and execute this work via standard desktop tools, telephone calls and emails in an attempt to coordinate the organisation’s expensive resources.  This also perpetuates the creation of “key person dependency”, where individuals are left with an inappropriate level of accountability and risk. The Cutover platform is focused on supporting those human bridges during complex business events.


We see significant opportunities in a number of areas that include:

  • Business Events: M&A, Legal Entity Transitions, Syndicated Loans, Fund Launches
  • Control Events: Legal, Audit, Compliance
  • Maintenance Events: Real Estate Services, Asset Maintenance
  • Production Support Events: Major Incident Handling and Crisis Management
  • Construction & Engineering Events: Building & Plant Fit-Out and Commissioning


Our values are the reason we do this. We believe in empowering people. We imagine a workplace where the individual can understand and act upon the dynamic context of their work; where global activity can be orchestrated seamlessly. We imagine a workplace where ideas can be planned, shared, agreed and executed within a single platform at a single moment; where shared responsibility exists in a network of trust and support.

Our Clients

Martin Marietta

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Barclays Accelerator
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