Regulation is Leaving Little Room for Banks to Make Strategic Changes

Banking is the most heavily regulated industry in the world, with 222 financial regulatory bodies globally and hundreds of internal standards in each bank. Although regulation is needed to keep banking customers safe, the surprising amount of business change that is focused on regulatory requirements could be preventing growth and innovation. 84% of financial institutions…

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Service Management

Meet the Team: Nick, Head of Service Management

Name: Nicholas Kyrke-Smith Role: Head of Service Management Previous jobs/roles: I joined Cutover having been at Barclays Investment Bank for just under nine years. While I was there I worked in various parts of the Technology organisation – I started off in the Infrastructure area working on Capacity and Enterprise Management and then Service Management tools. After…

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workstream collaboration

Workstream Collaboration: Work is Evolving, the Way We Communicate Should, Too

Innovations in workplace communication have sought to improve collaboration between teams and across enterprises. Although email remains a standard method of both internal and external communication, it is not necessarily suited for the volume of today’s workload and overflowing email inboxes that lead to stress and missed communications are a common problem. Though more urgent…

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service orchestration

Why Service Orchestration Needs Human Intervention

There is an assumption that the increased use of automation will remove humans entirely from certain processes within an Enterprise. It is true that automation has taken on a large share of tasks that previously required hundreds or thousands of people, replacing repetitive manual tasks with technology, but Enterprises will always need human intervention. Sometimes…

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