The Future of Enterprise Agility.


Our vision for the future of Cutover has six main areas of focus:

The Enterprise

Cutover is all about the enterprise and driving Enterprise Agility. We connect the various processes and tools from across the enterprise, bringing data from disparate sources together onto one platform. Most importantly, we’re about connecting and empowering the people that make up the enterprise.


We are focused on providing our users with high-quality telemetry at the point of need. We believe that people can do great work when they are empowered by technical orchestration, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and In-Context Working. Large quantities of data can be difficult for people to process, so surfacing this information from across the enterprise in a way that is easy to understand at a glance is critical.

The World of Work

We are working to establish market-leading positions in release and resilience management in Financial Services. We plan to build on what we have learned in these initial markets to address wider use cases and industries and make a huge positive impact on the world of work.


Currently, AI and Machine Learning are in their early stages and systems learn less efficiently than humans. The key to a more intelligent AI is building it with great data. We’re collecting data and building the application in the harshest of enterprise environments, helping banks release technology and resilience test critical systems that handle billions per day. The models and applications built here will have widespread benefits across industries and use cases. We are building strong foundations based on insightful data that will enable us to provide valuable machine learning assistance to dramatically improve our users’ experience of leveraging human and machine interaction.

Beauty and Performance 

Enterprise software often has an awful user experience that users are forced to put up with. We can’t afford to be like that. Our design and user experience are critical to adoption and the data that is put into the platform. We have a huge opportunity to make a difference in the visualisation of data that has not progressed since the invention of the Gantt chart in 1910.


With the above components of our vision and especially in relation to data, security is paramount. Our clients are involving us in more and more strategically critical work. We have to be a safe harbour for holding that data and performing human and technical orchestration to support their most critical initiatives.

Ky Nichol on Vision at the Cutover Enterprise Launch