Implementation Success

Measuring Implementation Success in a Business Transformation

How does your business measure technology implementation success? The usual metrics revolve around whether technology is delivered on time and within budget. However, organisations often struggle with finding a way to link technology changes with the business outcomes that drove them. Teams usually measure success on whether they delivered the technology on time and budget,…

cutover resilience

Insights from the Cutover Resilience Dinner

Last week we hosted an industry dinner on the future of resilience. Guests representing Global Banks, Insurers and Consulting Firms joined us to discuss resilience in enterprises and how we can develop Cutover Enterprises to meet these challenges. The discussion built upon our Resilience White Paper which can be downloaded below. The key themes of…

Enterprise Launch

Highlights from the Cutover Enterprise Launch

Cutover Enterprise has launched, unleashing a whole host of new business benefits to our clients. We were delighted to be joined by so many clients, partners, investors and others at the launch event. Watch the video below for highlights from our speakers: Transcript: Richard Bell – Cutover Director “6,000 runbooks, 200,000 tasks, 65,000…

change implementation

“Change Implementation: Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons” – Thoughts from Cutover CEO Ky

Organisations have struggled for a long time over the asymmetry of risk when implementing change. Even when contributing to a single goal, multiple parties coming together to enact a change will bring with them different and often conflicting agendas. For example, when those making the change have no control over how it operates and those…

release management challenges

Insights on Release Management Challenges

Cutover Enterprise removes the significant time constraints and operational risk associated with your organisation’s change events.

Utilising an enhanced collaboration, communication and visualisation platform, Cutover Enterprise orchestrates human and technical activity. Cutover coordinates tasks, timings and locations, reduces release duration, avoids release regression, increases change capacity by up to 30% and supports regulatory compliance.