An increasingly competitive landscape and customer demand are driving the need for continuous transformation in business.

The growing level of investment within business is reflecting this need with worldwide spending on transformation technologies increasing and predicted to reach $2 trillion by 2020.

There is a clear need for transformation, but it also introduces risk, complexity and cost. 70% of transformation programmes fail to achieve their initial goals. Common challenges include poor portfolio management, lack of good data and lack of accountability.

Poor employee engagement and management support add to the difficulties of not only delivering change but making sure it has a lasting impact. For a transformation to be successful, benefits need to be long-lasting and may require a wider cultural shift for the entire enterprise.

Cutover helps organisations tackle complex and high-risk transformation programmes through improved collaboration, visibility and certainty of delivery, increasing the chances of successful delivery and lasting benefits.

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Why Use Cutover for Business Transformation?


    long-term business goals and the activities that relate to them

  • LINK

    changes being made by technology to their business outcomes 


    status and see where the gaps are in a transformation

  • VIEW

    the calendar of planned change to avoid event collisions

Business Transformation

Business Transformation Benefits

    • Ensure Funding Goes to the Right Projects

      Cutover’s CEM shows a direct link between investment and outcomes, ensuring that money ends up in the right place to provide maximum benefit.

    • View the Gaps in a Transformation

      View all the activities leading towards a specific business goal. This makes it easy to see current progress as well as where the gaps are.

    • Avoid Release Contention

      Having an earlier view of all planned change means that change conflicts can be seen at an earlier stage than with current change management methods.

    • Achieve Enterprise Agility

      Agile technology delivery needs to be accompanied by an agile enterprise that can quickly adapt and reap benefits from change.

    • Increase Adoption and Benefits Realisation

      Cutover increases visibility and provides context around the technology being delivered to ensure that change always contributes towards business goals.

“The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery."

Matt Cox, Head of Insight & Innovation, Nationwide Building Society

Why you should act now
Every time these events are run manually there is an unnecessarily high level of risk and cost involved. Cutover provides a greater level of control, usability and functionality than can be achieved with spreadsheets and emails, increasing the chances of a successful release.