Rise Radio

CEO Ky Nichol on Rise Radio

Cutover CEO Ky Nichol spoke to Andrew Elphick, Director of Open Innovation Internal Programmes at Barclays, on Rise Radio. They discussed a number of topics, including: The best productivity apps The Barclays Techstars accelerator Creating an enterprise application that people wanted to use The founding of Cutover and developing an initial prototype into an enterprise-ready…

Implementation Success

Measuring Implementation Success in a Business Transformation

How does your business measure technology implementation success? The usual metrics revolve around whether technology is delivered on time and within budget. However, organisations often struggle with finding a way to link technology changes with the business outcomes that drove them. Teams usually measure success on whether they delivered the technology on time and budget,…


Cutover Enterprise Launch: Vision

At the launch of Cutover Enterprise CEO Ky Nichol shared our vision for the future of the company, the product and the wider world of work. Watch the video below: Transcript: “What do we mean by ‘Cutover Enterprise?’ Enterprise to us means connecting the business processes, it means connecting the business tools, but most importantly…

Cutover: Thinking Outside the Gartner Box

We’re often asked by potential clients and partners why Cutover is not rated by Gartner. Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrants’ can be a useful way to understand a service’s positioning within a marketplace. But not all companies or products fit into one of their quadrants. We created Cutover to address an existing gap in critical events management…

release management challenges

Insights on Release Management Challenges

Cutover Enterprise removes the significant time constraints and operational risk associated with your organisation’s change events.

Utilising an enhanced collaboration, communication and visualisation platform, Cutover Enterprise orchestrates human and technical activity. Cutover coordinates tasks, timings and locations, reduces release duration, avoids release regression, increases change capacity by up to 30% and supports regulatory compliance.


Regulation is Leaving Little Room for Banks to Make Strategic Changes

Banking is the most heavily regulated industry in the world. There are 222 financial regulatory bodies globally and hundreds of internal standards in each bank to keep customers safe. The surprising amount of business change focused on regulatory requirements could be preventing growth and innovation. 84% of financial institutions say regulatory requirements are impeding their ability…