With 80% of companies worldwide increasing their use of cloud services, the Cloud computing market is predicted to reach $572 billion by 2020. So what is driving this increased adoption of the Cloud?

According to Rackspace, 88% of companies save money when running services in the Cloud rather than on-premises. Cloud computing allows organisations to only pay for the capacity they use, avoiding upfront costs as well as ongoing maintenance and support costs.

Not having to maintain servers and infrastructure also frees up resources for projects to enable agility and business growth. IDC has found that mature organisations are seeing $3 million in additional revenue per application deployed on the Cloud.

However, Cloud migration projects are expensive with staff and technology costs often reaching millions of dollars. These migrations are typically managed using spreadsheets requiring significant time and resources, increasing the risk of failure. As well as wasted time, budget and resources, a failed migration project risks core application outages and the loss of valuable data.
Cloud Migration
Cutover helps to de-risk the journey to the Cloud, replacing multiple tools used for migrations such as spreadsheets, emails, messaging systems and phone calls with a single, collaborative enterprise platform.

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Why Use Cutover for Cloud Migration?

  • PLAN

    Create a standard and repeatable process for migration activities without spreadsheets. Cutover Enterprise makes it easy to build, duplicate, rehearse and edit runbooks of tasks.


    During the migration, users and stakeholders receive real-time updates via SMS and email. My Cutover gives users a personalised view of their events, runbooks and tasks.


    Senior stakeholders can see progress in real time via desktop and mobile devices without interrupting those involved.


    Increase efficiency by removing handovers between tasks. Reduce the duration of lengthy and manually-intensive data migration activities.

Cloud Migration Benefits

    • Reduce Cost

      55% of cloud migrations go over budget. Poor planning and visualisation increase the likelihood of hidden costs being overlooked in the early stages and unforeseen issues cause delays, leading to increased labour costs.

      Using Cutover to plan and run the migration allows you to spot and plan for potential problems early and see where inefficiencies occur, leading to continuous improvement and reduced costs.

    • Reduce Risk

      Avoiding downtime and data loss are two of the main concerns when migrating to the Cloud. Cutover reduces these risks by providing one platform to plan, orchestrate and visualise the entire migration process.

    • Improve Planning and Testing

      Easily coordinate migration and implementation plans and tests. Lay out the detailed steps to be performed during the actual data migration, allowing you to spot potential problems early on.

    • Reduce Migration Duration

      64% of migration projects finish behind schedule, with most taking 2 years or longer. On average, 75% of delays occur in the handover interface between tasks and teams of people. Cutover allows you to visualise and pinpoint the areas of human orchestration that lead to recurring delays, removing hours from migration activities.

    • Increase Capacity

      Achieve a 30% increase in capacity by removing repetitive manual tasks such as chasing status updates by phone and email. The orchestration and visualisation provided increase the capacity of the central coordination and command & control teams by removing the need to seek one-to-one feedback from the teams that are progressing the plan.

    • Align Business and IT

      Business buy-in and understanding requirements are key to cloud migration success. Real-time visualisation improves stakeholder engagement and allows both IT and the business to visualise the changes being made, increasing understanding and adoption.

“The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery."

Matt Cox, Head of Insight & Innovation, Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society
Why you should act now
Every time these events are run manually there is an unnecessarily high level of risk and cost involved. Cutover provides a greater level of control, usability and functionality than can be achieved with spreadsheets and emails, increasing the chances of a successful release.