Continuous Transformation means getting change done well, day in and day out. Making data-driven decisions without burdening teams with resource-hungry governance gets more done and reduces risk. We help our clients manage technology change on a continuous basis and execute change intelligently.

Download our case study below to find out how we helped a British Financial Institution Save £12m Per Annum on Change.

Cloud Migration

Cutover for Continuous Transformation

    • Enterprise/Business Unit Oversight and Management of Change

      Transparency is key to a successful transformation. Cutover enables leaders to have full visibility of all transformation activities across the enterprise in a single view, with the ability to dive deeper for more detailed information.

    • Cross-Functional Visibility and Engagement

      Cutover provides visibility and an understanding of accountability to every user and across business units, leading to enhanced collaboration and better outcomes for ongoing business changes.

"[I've] seen Cutover in action, [it] creates a serene implementation experience decoupling incident investigation when working through a plan and preventing missteps which create risk."

John Rattray, Managing Director, Hosting Service Delivery at Barclays

Barclays Global Payments

Case Study: Global Payments Team in Multinational Bank Improves Ongoing Tech Change with Cutover