Work Orchestration and Observability Ecosystem

Orchestration and Observability Ecosystem

As a leader in Work Orchestration and Observability, Cutover provides an unparalleled ability to synchronize work delivered across the ecosystem by coordinating humans and machines intelligently — all while bringing control and visibility to vast and unstructured data.

Cutover seamlessly integrates with Service Management tools, DevOps tools and collaboration tools, enabling clients to work more efficiently, while reducing risk. Central to the Work Orchestration and Observability ecosystem, Cutover helps clients move quickly with confidence.

The Cutover Platform sits at a powerful intersection between Portfolio Management, Development, Operations and Resilience. None of the tools in these areas tackle real-time human and machine orchestration. The Cutover Integration server enables objects in Cutover Enterprise such as Events, Runbooks and Tasks to be augmented with data mastered in other sources. Download the white paper for details.

cutover integration server

“I can think of so many projects I’ve done in the past that would have benefitted from this.”

Infrastructure Manager



Service Management Tools

Send actions in Cutover to Service Management for change approval. Make changes that need an approved record in the Service Management platform and open and close change tickets without leaving Cutover.


DevOps Tools

Cutover can interact with DevOps Tools (e.g. continuous integration tools such as Jenkins) to start an action and alert users when it has finished. This can be used to build and deploy software, manage the pipeline or push software builds.


Collaboration Tools

Use communication & collaboration tools such as Slack, Symphony or Microsoft Teams as an alternative to text/call notifications, enabling Cutover alerts and notifications to be serviced through company-preferred channels.

Cutover Integration with ServiceNow ITSM

Cutover integrates with IT Service Management (ITSM) Solutions, including ServiceNow through the ServiceNow Interface Module. ITSM solutions are used for governance and compliance tasks, including change approval authorizations and ticketing, however, they don’t address two key areas that Cutover focuses on: planning and observability and change orchestration.

To find out more about the Cutover and ServiceNow integration, download the fact sheet below.