Most major organizations are currently undergoing a data centre migration of some kind – whether it is consolidating existing services, moving to another physical data center or moving to a private or public cloud – the migration is happening everywhere. Although payoffs in terms of revenue, cost savings and risk reduction are great, there is a high level of risk involved in the transition. This migration typically triples the amount of change undertaken by an organization. With 80% of incidents being a result of change the need for managing this process has never been greater. And most organizations lack the tooling for such an increase – thus this process could be a recipe for disaster.

To reduce risk you need to plan, rehearse and orchestrate every step of the hugely complex process, leaving nothing to chance. Which is what Cutover enables. The platform gives you insight into every part of the change, spanning human and machine activity, and that insight helps to reduce the risk of outages or rollbacks during a migration.

So how do we manage this increased volume of change?


Use Cutover for Data Center Migration to:


    Spreadsheet-driven planning madness by automating continuous change capacity optimization.


    The manual effort and time involved in the planning, rehearsal and execution of change with the ability to orchestrate humans and technology at pace.


    Migration runbook templates that can be repurposed for data center recovery tests and resilience playbooks. Easily create a set of templates that cover the variety of routes to the target location on optimized infrastructure, covering various migration paths.


    The live, cross-runbook, highly complex change event effectively with automation providing real-time in-flight engineering to predict and prevent incidents. 


    How the migration is going, where delays are occurring and whether you’re running to schedule across many migration events per change period. Use live telemetry to know where your risks are and where extra attention is needed.


    Regulators with your source of record while immediately embarking on continuous improvement for the next change.

Benefits of Using Cutover for Data Center Migration

    • Reduce Risk

      Avoiding downtime and data loss are two of the main concerns when undergoing a data center migration. Cutover reduces these risks by providing one platform to plan, rehearse, orchestrate and visualize the entire migration process.

    • Reduce Cost

      Data center migrations cost hundreds of millions. Using Cutover to plan, rehearse and run the migration allows you to avoid rescheduling migrations (64% of migration projects finish behind schedule), avoid incidents (80% of incidents are caused by change), avoid rollbacks,  and exit data centers on time.

    • Increase Capacity

      Achieve a 30% increase in capacity by removing repetitive manual tasks such as chasing status updates by phone and email. The orchestration and visualization provided by Cutover increase the capacity of the central coordination and command and control teams by enhancing the feedback from the teams that are progressing the plan as well as enabling continuous learning and improvement.

“The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery."

Matt Cox, Head of Insight & Innovation, Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society
Why Cutover?
Data center migrations provide payoffs in terms of revenue, cost savings and risk reduction. However, they are not without risk. So – why Cutover? Cutover is uniquely positioned to provide a known and acceptable level of risk by granting a greater level of control, usability and functionality than can be achieved with spreadsheets and emails, increasing the chances of a successful migration.