CEOs are striving to achieve continuous transformation and the concept of “business as usual” is rapidly diminishing, leading to a need for Enterprise Agility. Enterprise Agility is a company’s ability to drive growth in new situations by learning and adapting when faced with foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, dilemmas, crises and complex problems.

Cutover serves the higher purpose of Enterprise Agility. We are uniquely equipped to support an entire organisation in the pursuit of its strategic goals and its execution of complex change agendas, both technical and operational. An organisation’s optimised level of Enterprise Agility is most likely to be achieved through the power of human and technology orchestration.

Agile Delivery allows IT teams to deliver software fast and keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape. However, the faster deployment of code does not always equal faster value realisation. Enterprise Agility is needed because agility should be more than an IT practice, it should be a way of working for the entire enterprise.

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Cutover Supports Enterprise Agility by:


    Enterprise Change Management (ECM) provides a long-term view of planned change linked to business goals


    ECM makes it easier to avoid conflicts between release events by seeing what changes are coming at an earlier stage than with current change management processes


    You can’t automate what you can’t see. Cutover enables you to see all the activities being done manually in one place, making it easier to identify opportunities for automation


    Make the transition between human and machine tasks seamless through integrations with enterprise tools, avoiding delays caused by handoffs

Enterprise Agility Benefits

    • Adapt and thrive in a changing business world

      It’s essential to be able to act quickly in response to market trends and fast-moving innovation

    • Gain real business value from fast technological innovation

      Faster technology delivery doesn’t always mean fast value realisation. The whole enterprise needs to be agile to make the most of Agile delivery.

    • Improve the way people work, as well as the technology they use

      Agility includes people and you need to have a culture of learning to help people understand and manage constant change

    • Align technology change with strategic business goals

      Individual technology changes are often not traced back to their original business purpose. Complete the circle to ensure real business value is being delivered

    • Prevent change fatigue and increase adoption rates

      A culture of agility across the enterprise better equips people to deal with change, leading to a greater return on investment when new technologies are delivered

"Optimising your DevOps capability in isolation is no guarantee that an organisation will add business value. I believe it’s extremely important to focus on the combined effects of a collection of capabilities like transformational leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, diversity, as well as technical aspects such as Agile, security, cloud and DevOps. I refer to this as Enterprise Agility."

Barry Chandler, DevOps Lead at Barclays

Barclays Global Payments
Why you should act now
Enterprise Agility is essential for businesses that want to thrive in today’s ever-changing business and technology landscape. Cutover enables you to view and plan change at an enterprise level, increasing visibility and engagement. Cutover allows you to link technology change with long-term business goals, maximising value.