Executive View of Change, Release Management and

Enterprise Resiliency

Enterprise Change Management provides visualization and analytics at an enterprise level. Senior stakeholders can view the entire Change Landscape across the business and access key data that improves decision making.

Cutover’s Enterprise Change Management is underpinned by our Automated Runbook Technology and allows for enterprise-wide visualization.

Enterprise Change Management

“Cutover have a great product that has been used extensively across the Barclays Payments estate and has played a key part in numerous successful complex technology implementations.”

Dan Pilling, CIO, Payment Technology, Barclays




Forecast events earlier than change governance, reducing the risk of event rescheduling due to release contention. Major organizations lose 4-6 release weekends a year, each worth $1m, due to unforeseen release contention.



80% of all business outcomes are technology enabled, however technical releases are rarely linked back to business outcomes and benefits. Cutover allows you to self-serve technical delivery status against business outcomes.


Release Window Optimization

The visualization of forecasted change activity allows you to optimize and look for opportunities to combine events that, in combination, deliver exponentially greater value to internal and external clients.



Advanced data and analytics combined with enterprise-wide usage of the platform allow Cutover to provide real business intelligence that aids top-level decision making and enables continuous improvement.