Successful Release and Deployment Management is critical to achieving regulatory compliance, maintaining reputation and delighting clients.

Typical Waterfall Release & Deployment Management events take place over a weekend involving significant human orchestration under strict time constraints. This results in a high-pressure environment with significant levels of operational risk.

In a series of Agile releases there are a combination of technical and human-related activities required to support the necessary level of due diligence for continuous integration.

Teams are typically geographically diverse and may not have existing working relationships. Traditional Waterfall methods see events planned on a spreadsheet with Release Managers aligning human resources, managing the plan and providing stakeholders with periodic status updates. Agile delivery is often difficult to visualize due to the array of tools employed in the end-to-end delivery process.
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Enhanced collaboration, communication and visualization are required to coordinate tasks, timings and locations to reduce risk.

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Why Use Cutover for Release Management?


    A standard and repeatable release process


    The release pipeline, release congestion and detailed event execution


    Recurring delays for continuous improvement


    Losing weekends due to aborted releases

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Enterprise Release Management Benefits

    • Avoid Release Regression

      Cutover helps to reduce the number of regressed releases due to poor execution and the inability to recover from risks that occurred during the event

    • Reduce Release Duration

      Cutover can visualize and pinpoint the areas of human orchestration that lead to systematic delays, removing hours from repeatable releases

    • Increase Capacity

      Cutover enables teams to achieve a 30% increase in capacity by removing repetitive manual tasks such as chasing status updates by phone and email

    • Reduce Time & Resources

      Event simulations mean fewer review cycles are required, reducing the time and resources needed

    • Reduce Operational Incidents

      Cutover helps to reduce the number of major incidents caused by poor implementation execution and poor enterprise change planning by 50%

    • Coordinate Human and Technical Release Activity

      Enhanced orchestration and visualization of enterprise-wide activity

"[I've] seen Cutover in action, [it] creates a serene implementation experience decoupling incident investigation when working through a plan and preventing missteps which create risk."

John Rattray, Managing Director, Hosting Service Delivery at Barclays

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Why you should act now
Every time these events are run manually there is an unnecessarily high level of risk and cost involved. Cutover provides a greater level of control, usability and functionality than can be achieved with spreadsheets and emails, increasing the chances of a successful release.