Bring Control and Visibility to Vast and Unstructured Data

Human work, technology automation and technology applications and infrastructure are becoming more and more complex as the work ecosystem evolves. For organizations moving towards cloud native ways of working, there is additional complexity which makes visibility of work across human and machine tasks more difficult.

Cutover is working with clients to enable observable work, in a single platform that instruments the important automated processes and lets you collaboratively orchestrate all the activities you need to do. The Cutover platform provides full organizational visibility into dynamic flows of work, bringing them out of the dark matter of the enterprise and into a structured form to enable learning, optimization and efficiency gains.

Cloud Migration




Visibility into every aspect of work from inception to completion.

Visualise with live telemetry in real time

Data Analytics

Enable teams to increase efficiency and remove waste based on access to real-time data and analytics.



Gives you a comprehensive audit trail that has been used by regulators for every executed orchestration whether performed on the platform or just instrumented.

Node Map


The Node Map is a unique and powerful new way to plan and visualize complex change. Easily view and edit every aspect of the implementation plan, from a high-level overview right down to the all-important details.

Enterprise Change Visualization

Cutover’s Node Map displays all tasks in an intuitive, connected network, enabling teams to easily interpret complex change plans like never before. A bird’s-eye view allows you to visualize and edit the construction of the full plan, while our critical path technology allows teams to understand the plan’s most important tasks. As tasks are started and completed, the plan transforms in real time, ensuring that you’re always up to date with the latest status.

Automated Runbook Visualization

Cutover’s Node Map also makes it easy to get into the deep detail of the work at an automated runbook level. Users can click on individual task nodes to see key information, such as the critical path to the selected task, or the status of dependent tasks, helping you to discover any potential delays in the plan ahead of time. If adjustments need to be made, you can open the task edit panel directly from the Node Map to make any planning changes quickly and easily.

Runbook Automation

“As a Project Manager, this is the first time it’s been possible to focus on the cutover rather than spending all my time speaking to stakeholders and chasing status updates. We had time to do our jobs managing the cutover.”

Project Manager, Major US Healthcare Provider

Multi-Runbook Dashboard


Enhance observability of work across your organization. Cutover’s multi-runbook dashboard gives you a real-tme view of all your runbooks in Cutover, on a single screen. Discover a new level of visibility of work across your business to help you move quickly with confidence.