The Cutover Platform

If you are tired of the drama around releases or the ruined weekends due to change events or resiliency tests gone astray then Cutover is for you.

If you want to eliminate static-spreadsheet-driven planning madness and maximize your change capacity then Cutover is for you.

If you would like to prevent incidents that should have been avoidable, then Cutover is for you.

If you long for change audit trails to satisfy regulators and support learning and improvement then Cutover is for you.

Cutover brings Enterprise Change out of dark matter and the dark ages. Cutover is the innovative and new Enterprise Change Management Platform that actually allows you to plan, rehearse, orchestrate, and analyze change involving humans and technology. The platform is perfect for:

1. Transformations – Digital, Cloud and Data Center Migration

2. Resilience programs

3. Release Management

4. Optimizing change capacity

Better than anyone Cutover enables humans and technology to collaborate at pace – with the ability to scale to hundreds of humans, myriad technologies, and thousands of tasks. All done with live telemetry, real-time communications and the much sought-after source of record for audit requirements.



Teams plan and rehearse activities directly within the tool, collaborating remotely and always with a single version of the plan.



During live events, users and stakeholders receive real-time communications via SMS and email.



Live telemetry is provided to the event manager, executives and stakeholders in real time via desktop and mobile devices.



A black box system of record provides an audit trail for regulators, and analysis and learning for continuous improvement.

Customer Use Cases


IT release management
e.g. global payments platform release


Service Recovery testing
e.g. Data Center recovery testing


Major Enterprise Change Events
e.g. large-scale change programs


Service & application transition to the cloud e.g. migration to AWS, Azure or Google


Increase Performance

Reduce event execution failures. Optimize the number of resources and time required to orchestrate critical events and realize cost efficiencies. Drive the continuous improvement of KPIs with post-event data and analytics

Remove Risk

Reduce the likelihood of execution errors that lead to operational outages and industry disruption. Mitigate against regulatory and reputational risk and protect clients and employees throughout the event

Increase Change Capacity

Optimize change windows through greater predictability of delivery and the provision of an early enterprise view of planned critical event activities

Enhance Visibility

Real-time status communications and access to live dashboards ensures less distraction to those performing tasks and true visibility to stakeholders

Increase Agility

Reduce the creation of operational incidents, or the need to ‘roll back’, through the ability to quickly course-correct the plan to adjust for in-flight surprises

Compliant Forensics

A forensic black box system of record enables an audit trail for regulators, as well as post-event analysis and learning

Business Benefits

Every time a change event is executed manually, it poses an unnecessarily high level of risk and cost to the business. With increasing client expectations and regulatory scrutiny, the need to execute without adverse business impact is critical. Only Cutover delivers:

  • Aggregated view of critical events
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Integrated communications
  • Greater certainty of delivery
  • Accelerated value realization

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